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My (new to me) 92 400E was involved in an attempted carkacking a couple of weeks ago. Some guy tried to open the passenger door as my wife was leaving our driveway. She had quick reflexes and floored it in reverse. This in turn almost took off the door when it hit the carport (too bad the S.O.B. wasn't between it and the door)(wife is fine but pissed off). Anyway he got away & I have a torn up MB. I just got it back from the shop and had a few questions. They replaced the door and front fender with new MB Parts. When you pull the door handle and let go you hear a resonate "sheet metal" sound which doesn't seem to be as bad on the drivers door. Is there some kind of damping material or coating on the inside of the door on this vehicle that was left out?
Also what kind of experiences have you had with insurance co.'s and paint after an accident? They painted the new door and fender and blended the hood. The car is white but you can tell which paint is new. Also the grey plastic trim along the bottom of the car is new on the 2 passenger doors. They don't quite match the old ones on the rest of the car. Body was in perfect shape except for 1 minor door ding before the accident. Will insurance co.'s usually pay to have the whole car painted and trim replaced?

Sorry for the long post.

Thanks in advance,
Alan & T. (now carrying firearms)

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