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Another mistake on the location pic on the CD...
It is as said... under the hood , under the blower.
The 3 prong feed plug on the firewall gives power to blower on pins 1 and 2, [ 1 is neg, 2 is +12v.]with low pos. trigger voltage[2-7 variable V for fan speed ] for regulator on pin 3 [center].
Verify these before going to blower/reg..
As you have the CD , just go to the wire diagram where you found N29 locator chart and click on "A/C ,104 - page1" . Scroll down to second schematic and go to locator grid M31-32 and you will see the Reg [ n29] right next to the motor .
Above both you will see the firewall plug X64 showing the firewall plug wire connector and its wire coding. [ also note fuse power ]
Notice that the regulator recieves a low voltage sig from terminal 3 to trigger the regulator. Which in turn simply allows the blower green wire to find ground through the reg. [ switched ground circuit]
The problem of diagnosing reg/motor is that you have to get to the regulator to see if it is not grounding the neg side of the blower or the blower itself is not responding to power.
Once down there, if you ground the blower ground wire and the blower energizes, the reg is faulty [ assuming you have verified the power test at the firewall SB talks about] .
Sound tricky, but if you go to the schematic, you will see how the power gets there and how the regulator acts as the ground switch..
Wish there was a better way to tell which is bad [ reg/motor] without digging down there, but there isn't ....[ to my knowledge, anyway]

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