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W201 A/C not cold enough


I have a W201 190d 2.2 that I drive daily back and forth to work. The A/C has been converted by the previous owner to R123. It works pretty well when the sun is not shining or the outside temp is lower than about 80. Now that its getting warmer, I have noticed that the A/C isn't cutting it. Today, when the sun wasn't shining, the A/C blows really cold. But when the sun is shining, (same temperature), the A/C just doesn't come out of the vents very cold at all.

Would this be an indication of not enough condenser: That is, this is a converted system so it doesn't have enough condensor to get the freon liquified? Or would this be an indication that there is something wrong with the system: overcharged, too much air in it, etc...

I just wanted your opinions before I sought advice at my local independent shop.


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