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190e 1.8 tapping???

As I drove off this morning from a cold startup, I noticed a faint tapping sound (sewing-machine like) with the accelerator pushed.

It gets fainter and disappears when I release the accelerator (with car moving).

While stationary, with the accelerator pushed, it's not there. When I drive off, it's there again on acceleration.

After about 5-10mins of driving, it's gone.

Today, however, the tapping wasn't apparent in the morning. In the afternoon, after 45 minutes of driving, I heard it on the highway for about 3 mins before it disappeared.

What gives?

Doesn't seem like the timing chain to me coz it's not apparent at all times. Besides, there are double row timing chains on my 1.8 so I guess I need'nt worry about them, right?

Lifters?The tapping is driving me crazy...


Babybenz 1991 190e 1.8
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