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Suspension noise

I have an 89 300 se. When having tires put on a while back, the shop advised I had a control arm bushing going bad. I did not replace it at that time, but a week ago, a noise developed that was really loud. It sounded like metal squeaking when you turn the steering wheel or pushed down on the front driver's fender. I figured it was the bushing so last week I had my mechanic check it out and he said it needed control arm bushings and sway bar bushings on the driver's side. That has been replaced and the noise left, so I thought. Last night I was getting out of the car and noticed when I got out(of course, the car will raise some which causes the suspension to raise) and I heard the same type noise. It wasn't as bad, but still there. I don't notice the noise this morning when I turn the steering wheel, but do hear it as the suspension flexes when I am going a slow speed like in a parking lot and hit a speed bump or something. Can anyone tell me what this could be? The mechanic did not find anything else wrong up front. Any thoughts?
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