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Not to beat this thread to death, but the powered vacuum source is an old 1 HP ShopVac. The ShopVac pipe fits nicely to the pouring spout of an old 2.5 gal plastic gas can (holds 10 Liters). I drilled and enlarged the air vent on the gas can to accept a 2 inch long 1/4 inch brass nipple (Home Depot). The O.D. of that 1/4 inch brass nipple is 3/8 inch. That in turn fits the 3/8 inch ID, transparent, braided, PVC tubing. I used about 4-5 feet of that tubing and, as stated in my earlier reply, the tubing snugly fits into the top of the dipstick tube of my car. Its not Rube Goldberg...its more like Swis Family Robinson. The oil never reaches the ShopVac.
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