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Need door panel!!

I thought my left rear door panel was a little too loose, and there was some black goo on the little indent on the chrome so I decided to take the door panel off so see what was up. Come to find out that all except one of the plastic tabs across the top had been broken off!! I counted 9 total plastic tabs on the whole panel, and 5 were broken, 1 or 2 more cracked. This apparently happened a few years ago when my dad had a dent removed on that door and the idiot that did it pulled on the dang thing instead of pulling up on it snapping off all my tabs! And then he "secured" it with that black goo. Needless to say I am not happy.

Question: Is the only place I can get a door panel is a dealer?? I tried pricing one at my dealer (told them to look one up for a 300SE since mine is a SWB) and they said they couldn't because my car has a velour insert and not a leather one. It looked like on the blow-up on their screen that that insert comes separate...making that irrelevant. I just need the bare plastic piece, no insert, no wood, no nothing. Somehow they didn't get this and kept telling that because mine is a euro car with velour they couldn't get me one. So who is not getting something or them?? Finally I told them to pretend mine had leather and they finally gave me a price of $384...but still insisting that it wouldn't work for mine. Sounds steep for a piece of plastic, but is this my only recourse? I guess if I had to buy one with leather I could and then just switch it out...that piece is removable.

I'm just a bit frusterated and wasn't planning on spending a few hundred dollars at the least because of some moron a few years ago. Any help is appreciated.
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