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I test drove a couple of the c220 and I agree about the buzzy engine. The c220 is much better than my old 190e 2.3 though. I also drove a c280 and enjoyed the 6 cyl. smoothness and power over the 4 cyl. Prices seem to be a few thou. less on the 4 while the 6 holds more value. If I had to chose between a low mile c220 and a higher mile c280 for the same money I would have to go with the c280. Check for service history of course! I sold my 91' 190e 2.3 with 69k for way less than what 190e 2.6 sell for! I can't wait for the new c240 to come out this fall! I already have my deposit down for one!
My God! Eight airbags!

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