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Originally Posted by w123fanman View Post
With the windows, I cannot stress enough that you have to keep the window tracks clean and free of debris and make sure everything is sliding properly. Many people see the regulator is bent and throw in a new one and get pissy when it fails 3 months later. The regulators will warp because of the lack of stop switches but more often it is due to lack of proper lubrication and other parts in the system that have to be cleaned, lubricated, or replaced. My brother has a set of Chinese-made aftermarket regulators in his front doors on his W116 and they have performed flawlessly because he took his time to get the windows moving properly before installing them. That being said I have seen brand new OEM regulators that are already starting to warp when they are still sitting in their packaging.
I believe that this is the issue. My windows are like this and the sunroof is stuck close at this point. What kind of lube do I use?
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