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My 150K service is fast approaching. I am a strong supporter of preventative maintenance. Recommendations for what to add/remove from my list would be greatly appreciated. What tends to go wrong with this model as it ages?

-air, fuel, oil, tranny, pwr steering filters
-ALL fluids
-distributor cap and rotor
-fuel pumps?
-O_2 sensor
-spark plugs and wires
-timing chain?
(new airbag, belts and tensioner,brake pads, radiator, water pump already done)

Surprisingly, a new belt tensioner was the only service this car's A/C system has had. I figure this is very rare; should I have it checked too?

Benzmac & crew: Thank you for your ongoing support of those who can't resist servicing their cars themselves–maybe the cars make us do it! Apologies for a long post.

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