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Originally Posted by alansupra94 View Post
I believe that this is the issue. My windows are like this and the sunroof is stuck close at this point. What kind of lube do I use?
The sunroof may not be a lubrication issue. Depends.

Do you hear any attempt at movement when you press the button? If not, you may have a bad switch.

If you hear the mechanism trying to move the roof panel, have someone give the panel a good woof on or two times from the outside as you press the switch. If it hasn't been used for a long time, that might free it up.

Use of the correct sunroof lube is critical on these cars. The roof panel is heavy and runs on nylon 'skis' on a metal runner. Use of any lubricant that attracts dust and dirt will gum it up nicely. If it's very slow (usually more so on closing), that is normally the cause. Or it might just be dry from sitting with no lube at all.

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