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Hello, I have been trying to solve a rough idle problem, 1983 380 SEC. Its rough with a hot and cold engine. The rough idle appeared all of a sudden. I have checked the Air Filter, changed Plugs, Wires, Dist Cap and rotor. No change. The car is currently at the dealer. He wanted to change the cap, plugs, rotor and wires after I changed them 2 weeks ago!
He now thinks is may have jumped time.I thought he could just check the time using a timing light. He advises he can't.
He advises he cannot tell unless he removes the valve covers and checks the marks on the cams. Any Ideas on if this could be the reason? Also, any idea what a timing chain conversion on this car should cost? This car has been babied and except for the rough idle, lacks no power and does not skip under load or at various speeds. Thanks for your help.

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