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Thanks Paul,

I am still very much interested in the ignition module and where it's at. I looked and tried to follow spark plug wires and believe I found the coil (close to AC unit in front) but the wires from there seem to disappear towards the firewall...

I would like to test it and just like Thomaspin mentioned, I am on borrowed time with the relay. I need to understand how these pieces work together so I will know what to replace to solve a malfunction.

For instance, the crank sensor still puzzles me. I thought it should be ok because the car is starting and running fine, RPM indicator works, etc. I would think that if input like that is missing, the fuel pumps shouldn't be working at all.

With the vast knowledge on this forum and the helpful attitude of it's participants I will eventually understand this car, know what I can do and know when to employ the specialists whithout being taken advantage of.

Thanks again, Paul and Thomaspin.

Reinhard Kreutzer
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