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The glass shop said it had to be a welded in patch before they would reinstall the glass. I havent seen how difficult it is to install new glass in the front of the w123 chassis yet. Anyone know if its DIYable? The car is very nice and I very well might keep it for a decade. It's got a fairly decent respray, all new interior minus the dash, and i have way more money than i could sell it for invested in it.

I think this weekend I will grab a couple square feet of sheetmetal to practice seam welding with my flux welder, anyone know what gauge is appropriate? As well as some of the flux core wire that rogviler suggested. I need some practice welding anyway. Maybe i can get good enough to do the repair myself. I have a few other trouble spots I need to fix anyway
I like the idea of buying the colormatched spray can and just doing the respray myself.

Instead of looking at this as a problem, i am going to focus on it as a learning opportunity

Thanks folks!
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