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firstly, i did not know that benz had extended the replacement interval 50%, but i am no better off as both of these benzes are older than that.

actually, going back through my records, i find that benz replaced these bags within the first twenty-four months because the steering wheel cover cracked out along the right side. both cracked in the same place in the same fashion.

the replacements cracked out just as rapidly but benz declined to replace them a second time.

i have always assumed that benz had a materials problem.

but, my concern is the sodium azide. i understand that it is a pretty toxic material and i wonder if it may have been responsible for attacking the plastic cover. after all, if my memory serves me correctly, these were the first vehicles sold with sodium azide[air, hahhahhah] bags in the usa.

and now i wonder if sodium azide is able to exfiltrate through that crack.

anyone know?


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