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Gas leak from charcoal canister overflow?

Hi all,

I have a 95 E320 and am experiencing an intermittant gas leak from the rear portion of the car. When it first happened I pulled the cover from fuel pump area and checked for leaks but it had stopped and there was no evidence of broken or defective hoses, etc in the area. This has occurred several times and it stops in a relatively short time. Am now suspecting that it has something to do with the charcoal canister purge system due to filling the gas tank too full and overflowing some into the CC system. In the FSM it shows one hose that vents to the atmosphere with the other 2 hoses going to the tank and the purge control valve. Is it possible that prior to purging to the engine (which doesn't start for at least 2 minutes according to the FSM) that pressure buildup in the cannister could force gas out the overflow vent pipe?

Also, it shows the canister in the left rear wheel well area under the wheel arch shield. It does not appear easy to remove. Has anybody done this? There are no instructions in the manual for removing the inner liner: it just says remove.

Any help on this would be appreciated.


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