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Arrow w201.029 ac issue

So, I have had some sort of issue with my ac for a while, but I ended up bypassing the different sensors/switches by running 12v to the compressor clutch via relay and cabin switch to get through the summer heat. Anyways, did a complete ac over not too long ago and renewed/replaced all the general components (receiver drier, pressure switches, temp switches, o-rings, etc.) and even got a brand new Denso compressor. A/C works amazing, but I can't seem to get any power to the clutch by using the regular a/c plug. I checked continuity from all three wires (clutch, -speed sensor, +speed sensor) to the corresponding plugs on the MAS relay connectors and everything is good. I swapped out MAS relay, no change, I even swapped out the push button climate control and got no change. I tried bridging the 2 red/blue connectors on the high (or is it low) pressure switch on the receiver drier and got nothing. I don't even get voltage to the red/blue connectors (if that means anything, not sure). When I bridge the other 2 connectors (I think they are brown and one is blue), the aux fans turn on low speed. Please help. Also, reason I wrote 201.029 in the title is because there are different MY and not sure if they are all the same. Thanks guys!

1990 190E 2.6L
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