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Agreed. The Michelins are the best tires for these cars. I had them on my W116 300SD until recently when I had to put a new set on. I made the mistake of getting the Bridgestone Turanza Revo H (Luke's suggestion--over the MXV4s), and don't like them nearly as much as the Michelins. While the Bridgestones do have an excellent wet traction rating, they ride hard and are pretty noisy compared to the MXV4s. I put a new set of tires on my '81 240D before I sold it, they were the Pirelli P4000 Super Touring model. While I only had a month or so to live with them before the car sold, I found them to be pretty decent. Luke told me that they don't like cold rain and have a tendency to cause hydroplaning, but if you live in warm weather all year round, they are a great tire. And at around $50 each, you can't go wrong. If I didn't have to deal with Ohio winters, I'd probably have gone for the Pirellis again. BTW, the reason I didn't put the Michelins back on my 300SD was because I didn't think it was necessary to spend $400 on a new set of tires which will surely outlast the body on the car. I would suggest to look at and see which tires are suitable for you price wise and performance wise. Good luck!

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