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Feedback on 3-valve Engines

Iím thinking of buying my wife a new car. Weíve owned Mercedes for the last 19 years and German cars since the 50ís. My first choice would be a C320 but I really have my doubts about the new 3-valve engines. It appears that Mercedes primary objectives for these engines were cost and emissions reductions at the expense of reliability and performance.

I realize the advantages of the V6 but not a 90 degree V6 thatís inherently unbalanced. Having to use a balance shaft and soft motor mounts to overcome the inherent vibration is a compromise that bothers me.

Iíve also read about other problems like strange ticking sounds and problems with the variable length intake manifold.

Iíd appreciate any feedback from those who own or maintain cars with these new 3-valve engines.

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