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Tim the 2Lman
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Question Oil pressure problems '93 300E

Guys thanks for your help in the past. This is a great forum.

I'm doing some work on a friend of mine's '93 300E. He gave me a small laundry list of things to fix. One of them is the oil pressure indication.

Problem: When started cold and until engine is hot, oil indicates above 3 bar on the gauge at idle. After the engine is up to operating temp, the oil pressure drops off to nothing, 0 , nada at idle. Accelerate the engine and it will resume above 3 bar until it idles back down and then it drops to nothing again. I suspect oil sending unit, but at $65 for the part, I really didn't want to shotgun it. I've purchased an aftermarket oil gauge to hook up temporarily, but from the top it is an impossiblity.

Does it sound like I'm on the right trail?

I would appreciate your input.

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