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W201 UK-spec mud flaps

Is anyone able to identify whether the mud flaps pictured below are OEM or not? I am calling them 'UK-spec' because I have only seen them on UK cars so far. Specifically 1.8 and 2.0 190E's. I have seen a W124 variant as well, also on UK cars.

I think they are the best looking mud flaps (mud guards, splash guards, or whatever one wants to call them) that I have seen on the 190E. They may be identified by the squared off shape, thick edge, and the Mercedes star being centered on the rear flap while on the front flap it is on the outer side.
In contrast, the regular OEM mudflaps were flat without an edge, more rounded off, had a star on the outer side of the rear flaps, and no star on the front flaps.

If anyone could provide a part number if they are OEM, or tell me what company made them if they are aftermarket, I would very much appreciate it. They are probably long discontinued, but I would still like to know.
Thank you.

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