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very helpful.

i understand about parts and availability. i own a 1979 very cherry 6.9 with 50k miles. a 1995 e320cab with less than 10k. a 1986 560sec with 75k and a 1986 560sel with 248k.

i need another benz like i need a hole in my head, but i do not like the new benzes and i do not like my dealers in the houston area. that has moved me to consider buying one that someone else has used.

i also have this thing for bruno sacco designs. and the 140c is the equal of the 126c in my view.

the v12 as a rarity is appealing, but my research reveals that it has been a problem car.

the two cars that i have been looking at are pre-1996. low miles. great shape. my old ones are in as good a shape[virtually new except for some uv fading of the rear deck fabric on the sec].

as i read the responses, my mechanic has common sense. the v8 is the no brainer.
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