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Thank you for your help. I looked for drive belt removal post but couldn't find it could you give me a link. These are basic questions but am not familiar with AC repair. First, when people mention get the system evacuated can I assume that all the R-12 in my system is gone when their is a leak so this is the same as having the system evacuated? Can I change the compressor without the system being evacuated first? I saw in other posts that their is an another make compressor Ult.. not Nippondenso which is MB OEM which doesn't have as many points of leakage. Does this come with the speed sensor, manifold linkages? Finally about the oil. Is this oil inside the compressor, included with the compressor or do I have to get it changed somehow. I am planning on keeping it R-12 since it would still be cheaper than switching to R134 or I am right on this?
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