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Here is the post on removal of belt..Enjoy

OK guys, here we go. For the 300E M103 motor, a number of things have to come off to do a decent job of either replacing or adjusting the tensioner or the belt. The fan shroud must be removed to have access. Two metal clips outboard of the clips that secure the radiator. Pull them off. Work the shroud up over the fan blades. Next, take off the fan blade. 4 metric allen type cap screws hold the fan to the fan clutch. Remove these. Then remove the fan, and shroud. Now you will have access to the tensioner retaining bolt. This is a big fella (19mm). Break it loose about 3-4 turns so it is not applying any pressure to the tensioner hub. Next, the tensioner adjusting screw. Located behind the power steering resevoir. Back this off 'till there is no tension on the belt. There is a little pointer with a scale in the tensioner hub. As you are relaxing the tension on the belt, the pointer should move to the right of the scale. When it reaches the end of the scale, you are OK. Now, remove the belt, making note of the path the belt takes around the pulleys. (it is possible to install it incorrectly). After the belt is off, you will have to remove the bolts from the power steering pump and lay that out of the way. There is a damper (looks like a little shock absorber) mounted on the tensioner hub. This is attached to the pad eye for hoisting the engine. Unbolt this from the pad eye. There is a bracket on the front of the tensioner which is attached to the engine behind the fan pully. Loosen this bolt enough to allow some movement of this bracket. Remove the big center bolt completely, hold the front bracket away from the tensioner hub and work the tensioner assembly out of the car. Reinstall is about the reverse of removal. Remember the little pointer!!. Remove this from the front of the tensioner and place it on the front of the new part. This pointer is adjustable and used to set the tension. Transfer the damper shock to the new tensioner. After installing the new part and replacing all of the hardware you had previously removed, with the exception of the fan and shroud. Put on a NEW belt, properly routing it about all of the pulleys. Do not tighten the big center bolt until you have set the tension. Set the little pointer to the far right end of the scale by gently pushing down on it and moving it a few notches to the right. When the pointer is set, begin taking up on the long tensioner adjusting bolt (behind the power steering resevoir), keep adjusting until the pointer reaches the other end of the scale. Tighten down the big center bolt, reinstall the fan and shroud and go to the corner and buy yourself a big cold frosty. Oh BTW, don't forget to close the hood after you're done...

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