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The V8's are the same engine with two more cylinders.

According to my longtime friend who is my tech at the dealer, these engines have proven very reliable.

He called me one day to tell me that he had a V8 version apart if I wanted to see it. It had been an accident, oil filter cannister punctured, lost oil pressure and had to come apart.

I went and got a look. These engines IMHO are an engineering masterpiece. They have such things as; cross bolted mains, short skirt pistons kept from rocking by dual spark plugs fired a specific number of crankshaft degrees apart to control flame travel, cold cracked connecting rod technology, roller cam followers, etc.,.....

The only recall of any type has been on vibration dampers. All the techs are constantly reminded to check the part numbers on the vibration dampers to see that they have the correct one, so this should be taken care of for you.

You should have no worries about the longevity or reliable of one of these engines provided, of course, it is properly maintained and reasonably driven.

Good luck,
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