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Topic: dealer got scratches all over car

Before you read this story, let me say, before this happened, this car had
almost a perfect finish with barely any swirl marks, the clear coat was immaculate.

On Friday I went to pick up my car from the dealership. It was there for a
couple of reasons, one of the main was for "paintless" dent removal and
touch-up of all paint all over the car.

Well, they got most of the dings out, but the 3 or 4 the couldn't now look
much worse because they damaged the paint and now it looks all cracked
where they worked on the dings/dents.

THE WORST PART OF ALL!!!!....... is that the idiot who "buffed" the paint over
the touchups, DIDN't wash the car first and now there are these fine scratches
ALL OVER the car. it gives it a foggy appearance in the right light. The
scratches are not deep, but they are EVERYWHERE!

I called the dealership and complained and they are going to "see" what they
can do......

How severe is this damage?????? Please advise!
thanks so much

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