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Thanks Steve,

Often answers lead to more questions in the search for the real answers...

Somewhere in this forum I read: The search for MASTERY is the start of a journey, not the end. One who attains MASTERY and stops seeking is no longer a MASTER......

The joiner or plastic PCV device, if anything like PCV's on other cars, it is subject to clogging, corrosion dirt etc. and subsequently will allow excess air into the manifold.... am I right?

I ordered the hoses and will try to put them on later today. I didn't order 'the rubber plenum', it looked like it would be a good afternoon's project. Perhaps next week...

I am interested in understanding how the idle control valve works within the whole CIS-E system. What is the source/pathway for the air going through the IDLE CONTROL VALVE on its way to the IDLE FUEL DISTRIBUTOR? Assuming that the air came through the air filter, it looks like it would then pass by the throttle plate. Anyone have a schematic of the air flow through one of these CIS-E systems that shows where vacuum is highest or lowest??? Why would air go from a plenum area into a small hose the through a valve etc.

Also, there are three terminals on the valve. Why three? It looks like a solenoid type device, but that would only require two wires...

Thanks again for the help!!!!

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