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Shimmed Closed Cover - ARV

Originally Posted by Rogviler View Post
I've never seen any credible evidence that the ARV does anything performance-wise. Lots of evidence that it's there to help more exhaust gasses get into the intake via the EGR valve, so that's what I believe it to be. It will eventually start to leak and create a whistle/lack of boost. When I disabled my EGR I left the ARV because I didn't know what it was at the time and got horrible mileage. Shimmed the cover so the valve won't open and the mileage has been great ever since. So, I don't like it. YMMV.

Also, next time just make a new thread instead of bumping an old (and not very helpful in the first place) one. Looks like rwthomas1 hasn't even been on this site in over five years...


What cover are you shimming closed?



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