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Possibly. It depends on the location and type of leak the system had.

In your vehicle, the refrigerant oil is circulated throughout the system in conjunction with the freon; catastrosphic failure of a high pressure hose when the system was operating would result in a substantial loss of the system's oil. A pinhole leak, on the other hand, will also result in freon loss but with decidely less lubricant loss. The problem that can arise, however, is when systems with chronic, unrepaired leaks are repeatedly recharged with freon only. Although the rate of oil loss is small, these systems can deplete their original lubricant charge over time, even though the freon is periodically replenished. This can be one of the aggravating problems in acquiring a used vehicle with an undocumented service history.

M-B specifies oil replenishment values for systems that have had slow refrigerant leaks vs. catastrophic failures. For systems with no detectable leaks but requiring up to 400 g of freon, M-B recommends the addition of no compressor oil. 20 cc of oil is advised when completely recharging the system due to leakage (in conjunction with replacement of the receiver/drier). In the event of a sudden freon loss (accident or broken hose), replace the defective part(s), receiver/drier and add 40 cc of oil. Verify check these values however, as I believe they are applicable for '90-'92 W124.

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