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Power doorlock problems in w126

I spent some time today trying to figure out why power door locks don't properly function. While examining it today, I found some issues and fixed them. Right now they're better than before, but still not 100%.

Here is what my doorlocks do...

When closing driver side door, all locks close. When opening from driver's door, only the front passenger door opens.

This is better than before when I couldn't open any of the doors or lock any of the doors besides the trunk.

I found today that the Rear Left actuator had a part broken off. The part where the rubber tube connects to the actuator was snapped off. I tried super-glueing the part back, but it was not strong enough. I decided to take a knife and make a hole large enough in the actuator to tightly fit the rubber tube. I managed to do this and super glue around it. Its held securely now.. and after doing this, I have a power door SHUT... but not UNLOCK.

What could be the cause of the rear doors not unlocking? Why is it that when I go to the trunk and lock the trunk, only the front passenger side door locks and the others are unlocked?
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