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"Really! does that mean that the servo could be "driven" to the no heat position and disconnected? I'd rather have cool than heat."

Actually, yes, one of the common problems that occurs in the servos is the breaking of a tooth from a gear and a gear lock-up as a result (this usually burns out the amplifier trying to run the motor). With our tool we have many times reversed the motor and backed up and passed over the bad spot on reapplying the cooling direction.

In Florida one can run the servo to A/C and disconnect the single connector and it will stay. Unfortunately the most common problems are servos that are dead.

To try this I think you will have to reduce the voltage and apply it to the motor (see diagram - reverse polarity to go the other direction). I think the motor might be a five volt or nine volt motor so don't put full 12v on it.

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