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The old hoses for the idle air circuit were not cracked, but were hard and needed replacing so I installed new ones. No real change. There is still hessitation when raising engine speed from idle, an occasional miss at idle. I have noticed that the 'economy gauge' needle is about 1/4" toward the right at idle. That is, vacuum is less at idle. At 2000 rpm the vacuum is highest (far left) but then swings 1/4" to the right as the speed drops to an idle. Am I right in thinking that this is because the idle air valve is bleeding air in and thus reducing the vacuum?

Also the plastic connector between the breather hose and the short hose to the idle air distributor is just a connector, no small orfice or restrictor.... Am I missing a critical part? The engine used to be so smooth and I don't think someone would have just snuck in in the middle of the night and snitched a small part like this. Any one know of a part # for a pcv for this engine?

IDLE AIR DISTRIBUTOR???? how does it work/function? Are there any schematics showing air flow or routing? From where to where?

once again, my idle air valve has three terminals--- anyone know what they are for? I would like to test it to make sure it is operating correctly. The throttle plate moves when I disconnect the idle air valve so I'm guessing it is doing something.

I am determined to learn enough to understand and fix this miss/hesitation so I can report back what the source of the problem has been...


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