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Your situation sounds like a classic OVP relay (overvoltage protection)problem. The OVP feeds the engine management system which uses the EHA (electro-hydraulic actuator) to affect all electronically controlled mixture adjustments such as: cold start enrichment, warm-up enrichment, acceleration enrichment and lambda feed-back controlled enrichment. Take away all these enrichments and the system works relatively good warm on the same system that came out in 1976 CIS - K-jet.

Checking this is very easy if you are prepared. It can be done by reading the integrator results on pin# 3 on the drivers side diagnostic socket. It also can be confirmed by reading the current flow through the EHA. It should be 20ma key on engine off. If you have current then you don't have a OVP problem.

I suppose a qualitative test could be done with no tools by trying the starting process with the EHA unplugged. This should make a difference in cranking and starting cold. If it makes no difference real testing will be required.

The EHA is a black box about half the size of a pack of cigarettes fixed to the side of the fuel distributor. It has two wires. (there is a second black box on the side of the airflow meter that is the acceleration potentiometer; it has three wires and is not what you are looking for).

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