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Angry Did I do the right thing ? Help

My Benz 98 E320 hit the curve last Tue. After that, it couldn't go straight, and keep pulling to the right. The car was also very unstable between 20-50 mph. I brought it to a dealer (Luxury Imports, Orange County, CA), and ask them about it (I bought the car there on the
first place). They asked me to leave the car there, so that they would take a look at it and fix it.

Later on, I received a call from them, telling me that my right control arm was bend, bushing & rod was ruined, and I need to replace both. They also told me it would take 2 days to get the car done.

They then keep giving me one reason to another (basically "it'll be done tomorrow"), after 8 days, I was so fed up, and told them that I would pick the car up, regardless. I stoped by the dealer yesterday and was told that the job was done, however, I need to have alignment done to my car.

There're no difference in the car behavior before and after the repair: still pull, still shake. I went home and take a look under the car, to my surprise, both of the control arm and bushing look old and dirty, just like the left one (the "untouched" one). Moreover, the thread on all of the nut& bolts link to the control arm still cover with mud, just like the other side, one can tell that they have never been opened (since the thread would be clean once turn). All of the rubber seal & bush look dirty and old, basically identical to the other side.

I have the car through the alignment shop this morning. While it's being fixed, I had chance to craw under the car and look further. This did nothing to confirm the fact that the two side (bush, arm, nut & bolt) look the same, and have never been touched (cover with mud & dirt). The technican also confirm with me that the control arm is original and never been opened. After leaving the shop, the car run perfect, just as before.

I called the dealer, and told them what I observed, along with what the technican told me. They now change the story, and tell me that they got the control arm and bushing from the junk yard, to save me money. That why these parts look old. I put the charge on hold, and told them that I would need to pick the old parts up, and have an independent shop to check and confirm that they came from my car. I haven't told them about the nut&bolt thread, would be interesting to see how they respond to that. I asked that they give me all of the old part by this Sat, and would only release the fund of independent confirmation show that they came from my car (highly doubt, especially now that I have my car, I have no idea how they gona make it age to match the other side, not to mention the thread cover w/ mud).

Did I do the right thing ? should I complain to the consumer bureau or local DA office for unprofessional service ?.

I forgot to mention, I have chrome wheel, had my car washed a day before drop it to the shop. My rims are now cover with dirt, however, there's no finger on it whatsoever, like it have never been touched.
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