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Ask them to provide a receipt from junk yard along with the old parts. Also a question! Was your wheel bent from the impact? From your description it looks like it was not bent. If this is a fact, the dealer story does not hold a water. If your front end took such strong impact that it bent control arm, which is made out of steel, it would definitely damage your aluminum wheel. Don't pay. In my opinion it is a ripp off. Seek expertise of at least two independent mechanics just in case you need to fight them in the court. In my opinion they should ask you if you will accept a salvage part, also if some garage replaces a control arm the alignment should be done before they release the car to a customer. Simply without alignment, the car can be unsafe to drive. One more think, I could be wrong on this, I think MB does not authorize a franchise dealerships to use a salvage components for repairs of any kind.

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