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126 Sunroof Wind Deflector Problems

Last summer, I had problems with my sunroof and the local MB dealer ended up replacing the entire assembly at a cost of almost $2000. It worked okay, less a water leak at the rear lip, but now I'm noticing some type of issue with the pop-up wind deflector at the front of the assembly.

Seems as if when closing the roof from a full open position, the deflector doesn't pull down flush. Because of this, when the roof closes, the deflector gets in the way and pushes up so the roof panel rides beneath the deflector and jams up preventing the roof from closing.

The only way to get the roof closed is to grab the deflector and pull it down manually...BUT I've gotten one too many pinched fingers and my language is worsening by the day.

Both sliders that push the deflector down are intact, but I don't think they are pushing it far enough down. Is there an adjustment for this?
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