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Originally Posted by gmog220d View Post
That shop is telling you they don't want the job. If you want someone to do the job for you then I'd look for someone else.

I feel your pain! This is the kind of situation that pushed me into figuring out how to do these jobs for myself. It may push your skills and patience, but it's far from impossible:

OM606 Glow Plug removal Tips and Tricks

'95 E300D - Fully Unthreaded But Stuck Glow Plug
That shop is practicing good business by being upfront and letting the customer know the reality of the job of best or worse case scenario. The 606 glow plug job potentially has a whole different set of rules compared to the 617 or 603. You never know how that job will go until you're already into it. Customers usually prefer that than the dreaded unexpected phone call of how their $500 job escalated to big $$$$. They then have the option of backing out before the job is started. We always tell them the low and high end. when it's low, they're happy. When it's the higher, they're prepared, but not irate.
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