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Question temperature sensor - life expectancy

Hi, All

got the fright of my life the other night when my eye caught the temp indicator showing off the scale high !!

I cannot describe the feeling .....

Anyway, I decided to drive on, coasting downhill whenever I could. The needle stayed pinned to the red area.

I stopped at a service station and the engine did not appear to be overheating - plumbing was warm but not excessively so.

It must be the temp sensor then - I hoped ... At home with a cold engine the needle showed above 110 deg C so the temp sensor it was.

I ordered a new one (part # 006 545 91 24) and ZAR 242.07 later (around US$ 30) all is well.

I now want to know what the expected life of these buggers are. I bought a replacement previously (the fan switch failed - that story must be in the archives somewhere) because of water ingress - it lasted all of 220 000 km ...

Any ideas or thoughts ?

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