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190E Exhaust

Hello. I'm a Newbee here & a Newbee Mercedes owner. I purchased a 1985(pre Jan) 190E & I am going thru it to use as a nice ride on the Oregon Coast. The catalytic convertor has been removed & gas mileage averages 20 m.p.g. Three questions please:
1. Can the removal of the convertor lower exhuast temps suffuceintly enough to cause the O2 sensor to enrich the mixture; thus, lesser fuel mileage?
2. The current exhaust system makes the 4cyl. sound like a John Deere lawn tractor. In as much as the 8v 190E is not a power-house, can someone recommend a "Performance" exhaust system that is still quiet? I am 54 years old & I don't want one of those Killer Bee sounding exhausts. I prefer something between silent & light sporty, ala, turbo Saab.
3. Is there anything to be gained in your opinion by using a
K & N Air Filter?
Thank You;
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