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Unless the VIN sequence is different from 126s to 116s, it is a euro. US VINs have letters after the WDB, such as WDBCA. Euro VINs though, have the chassis number directly after the WDB, like my VIN for instance starts with WDB126034. So since this VIN starts with WDB116024, makes me believe this is a euro. And just like sixto said, the bumpers are a telltale sign. On a 116, the US bumpers stick out like 4 could use them as is really obvious. You won't necessarily be able to tell from the headlights or the taillights, because those are usually always switched out with US parts like mine was. But the emergency triangle, cloth seats and manual windows will obviously remain.

The only thing mine has is an EGR, but no air pump and the cat is coming off...I guess I'm glad I don't live in CA!!!
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