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I was just downstairs in the garage checking the tranny fluid level, when I decided to crack the bleed screw on the thermostat housing to put on a new one. As I was taking out the old screw, it fell somewhere, and now I cant find it anywhere. I now have the new hollow screw that has 3 holes around the top, with the "banjo fitting" screw. I screwed on the hollow screw with the banjo fitting screw, and when I started the engine coolant starting spewing out of the banjo fitting screw. How do these screws work together? How do i properly install this hollow screw with the banjo fitting? I know the old screw was just a normal regular bolt that would just screw in--but i've lost it. If anything, Im headed to the dealer tomorrow morning to get the regular "normal" screw. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Would appreciate it...

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