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Talking Merc problems

Hi azhari! I have fixed most of my car problems and the latest was the sagging spring on the front driver's side. My techie replaced the top and bottom spring pads on that side and has made the front exactly level now. Was looking a bit awkward at Christmas time with a sagging right side. I'm not that fat and heavy....blame the previous owner! The auto box has been tweaked with the vacc modulator and the gearchange has been improved so that the early morning 2 to 3 kick in the back has been defeated, it doesn't hang for a few minutes like before. It even feels like its starting on 1 and quickly changes to 2, but 3 and 4 change normally. I also had to replace the kickdown switch which was "broken" by some earlier leadfoot. Thats why it refused to change down when I tried to activate it going uphill. All other remaining problems are minor like the centre airflow roller was glued on so won't move, the driver's side door panel has an elbow dent and the boot lock is damaged but working. Cheers! How's your brother's Merc?
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