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How brave are you? You may have accumulated some water in the lines over the winter. I would add some dry gas and fuel injector cleaner, let it stand for a few hours, then try it again. If you are VERY brave, spray a little engine starting fluid into your air cleaner. I mean A VERY LITTLE since the stuff is ether and very flammable. Crank over the engine and let it lope until the lines clear out. If that doesn't work check the fuel filters. if this were my 450SL I would bee very careful with these remedies. That's why I drive M/Bdiesels. They have their own fuel quirks, but as long as I plug in the block heater I have never been stuck even below zero. I do use diesel additive regularly, however.
Another idea. Push or tow the car to a warm place, like a barn or garage. Let it sit for a day and get out of the deep freeze after adding the gas line antifreeze. There could be some ice in the fuel line which will melt and then respond to the additives.
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