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Thanks for the info, That is just like mercedes to have that factored into consideration.
I have found some info on Wolfgangs web site where he mentions that the Wiring to the B26 Module is"under the palstic edge of rear loading area. He further says that the 4 pin wiring to it is tan , pink, green and Blue..
I have emailed him but never got a responce.
I have taken your advice and posted these questions on the Ml Forum, along with a question I forgot to list here.
Everyone who has installed one of these in a car that didn't come with one has had to diegrind a square hole in the fascia panel for the LCD.
I saw a wood trim kit on sale on ebay for and was wondering if anyone sells the fascia panel in wood grain or carbon fiber look that I could spray blace for those that aren't happy with their hole cutting job.
Your a wealth of info, and I really appreciate your input.
Steve Cousins
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