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Originally Posted by jdhill View Post
Did your M103 have knock sensors and did you connect them to the MS??

The 103s don't come with knock sensors, though the bosses to mount them are in the block. The 104.980 is the first engine to use them and it literally uses a 103 block. I don't use a knock sensor in my setup. These engines are pretty damn tough. I just tuned it up to the ragged edge and backed off a bit. It cant live forever at the edge but a little rattling to find the limit wont hurt it.
90 300TE 4-Matic

Turbo 103 4-Matic, 3 cam advance
11-18 PSI, A2W I/C, 40 LB/HR
MS II Extra, 60-2 Direct Coil Control
3" Exhaust, AEM W/B O2
Underdrive Alt. and P/S Pulleys,
Vented Rear Brake Discs, .034 Booster.
3.07 Front and Rear Diff, 1st Gear Start

91 300CE parting

90 300CE 104.980
Milled & ported head, 10.3:1 compression
197 intake cam w/20 advancer
4 ignition advance
PCS TCM2000 running 722.6 trans, 600W PWM fan, water injection
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