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EZL Timing Question

My 86 560sl has EZL igntion/timing I believe. If I understand this correctly, there is a sensor somewhere that reads and automatically adjusts for proper ignition timing.

As part of a water pump replacement I had the distributor loose (not completely out but I pulled it up about 2" to get at the adjusting bolt.) It slipped right back down.

When I took it loose, the adjusting bolt was pretty much centered in the adjusting slot so when I put it back, I just centered it as a starting point. When I got all buttoned up, it ran like crap. I adjusted the timing and tried both extremes, all the way counter and all the way clockwise. It won't start at all in the all the way clockwise position, starts and runs fine albeit with poor idle at the all the way counterclockwise setting. When I put a timing light on it, it reads 15degress at idle.

My question is, if I got it a tooth off when I put it back in, would this account for my stumble at idle?

Any help will be appreciated.


J. Boggs
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