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Help! W140 Alarm problem!

1992 300SD W140
My alarm system won't disarm unless I pull the fuses.

When I pull the fuses and reinsert them the light in the doors/trunk flash green. Then if I lock any of tehm the light flashes red and ONLY the loack for that door/trunk will lock. the others remain in the postion they were in. then if I open the door or trunk the alarm goes off. If I try to reset the door or trunk i.e. close the trunk or door and relock it the alrm keeps going.

I have recently installed an aftermarket stereo , 2 weesk ago ) but the alram and door locks have be opperating fine.

I do know if you get out of synch i.e. arm the system or disarm the system froma different door it will set off the alarm adn you to go around and find which door weas last used!!!!! Thats why I disabled my alarm on my old W126!!

I would be happy with the alram disabled (I personnely think alarms are stupid and annoying!!!!!!!!) as long as the infared remote locking (all doors at once) would dsill work!!!!!!

BTW all this has been done using a TRUE master key. New form MBZ.

Also does any one have the wiring diagrams for the alarm system from ETM?

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!

email: stevenwkee@rogers. com
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