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Time to have a little fun

This is going to be a blast. We are taking a 94 124 wagon, installing a AMG C36 mill, tranny and controls. Lowering it via eibach and rear adjustments, going to larger rolling stock and generally tweaking out more ponies. Regearing it and polishing the valve cover just for the hell of it. If the dyno dude will ever call back we should have some baselines next week and final numbers after the install, exhaust and such is done. Of course there will be plenty of pics of the process as well. Anyone need a low miles 104 with the .4 attached? (theres that 103 too)

Running debate, should it be labeled 36TE, TE36, E36T or my favorite, scrape 'em off and leave it blank. Of course there will be a underhood sticker explaining the swap and who did it. (I want to have BTS Performance engraved in the valvecover but.........)

Many Kudos to Potomac (Rich in particular) for parts support.

So, who's next? LOL

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