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S280 W140 questions

I have just purchased a 1998 S280 W140 UK car and would like some help on the following please.

1, Is the handle supposed to have a flashing LED when the car is locked. I have seen this on my brothers "C" class, however when I look the doors with the remote, I don't see any flashing LEDs.

2, What is the wheel size of the standard alloy. Mine has a 235/65/16 tyre on the car, but I would like to know the width of the wheel, is it a 8" or 8.5" etc...

3, I was given a small red key (it has 3 contacts on it), by the previous owner, and told it was to do with the alarm, What is it for and where is it meant to go?

4, What make of brake pads are used as OE. Is Textar brake pads good?

5, When I remove the key from the ignition, I hear a seroius of bleeps. Why is this? Is this anything to do with that fact that the car is 3000miles over due a service, as this flashes sometimes with a spanner symbol.

Pls help


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