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What does this mean? Why would you need a Diesel cam because you bore the cylinders?

Questions for you:

- why bore the block at all? If you want displacement, look for a 3-liter M103 block and start with that.

- do you know how to enrich the KE-Jetronic system under boost? Do you know how much boost you can safely run without any adjustments to the system?

- do you know where to tap the M103 for an oil supply for the turbo?

Seems to me that unless you really know what you're doing, the first thing you need is an EGT gauge
1)Displacement is not really an issue since I plan to rebuild why not but not really a big deal. I was under the impression that if I were to bore my block beyond 3.2L a diesel cam would be the only cam to use.

2)Are you talking about a Fuel Managment system cause what I've read from other post Electromotive is the way to go.

3)Don't most people run their oil return line from the turbo to their tranny dipstick mount and cut it?

4)I'm not an MB expert........... I don't claim to be an expert by any means I've read as much as I can about turbos I'm still learning. I have a shop that's going to do the install for me. The guy who owns it is willing to let me assist he's from SoCal and so am I so that really sealed the deal. I'm supplying all the parts to stay on a budget dam hes even gonna let me use his tools and cause all my stuff got stolen or lost from when I moved.
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